Frequently Asked Questions

Accounting Questions

  1. How much do I owe?
  2. Who do I pay?
  3. Is there a return premium?
  4. Where do I pay?

Commonwealth Underwriters
2112 W. Laburnum Ave Ste 105C Richmond, VA 23227
Binding Questions

  1. Is my binder in force?
  2. What do I need to submit a binder?
  3. Where should I send a binder
Note: we cannot bind coverage over the telephone or with blank applications, even if they are signed.

Cancellation / Reinstatement

  1. Has a policy been cancelled?
  2. Can this be reinstated?

Certificate Questions

  1. What do I need to request a certificate?
  2. When does the certificate become valid?
  3. What if my policy changes?

All certificates must be requested in writing and signed by us, either online or in our office, to become valid.

Any changes made to policies cannot be shown on a certificate until the endorsement has been issued.

Claims Questions

  1. How do I request loss runs?
  2. How do I submit a claim?

Endorsement Questions

  1. How do I request an endorsement?
  2. What will the endorsement cost?

Filings Questions

  1. What is the status of my filings?
  2. Are filings in force?
  3. Where are my filings?

Policy Issuance Questions

  1. When can I expect my policy?
  2. How long should I wait before I let you know I have not received it?

Premium Finance Questions

  1. Has payment been received?
  2. Is the policy in force?
  3. What is the status of the reinstatement?

Agency Visit Questions

  1. How can I request a visit?
  2. How do I request training?

Becoming a Producer Questions

  1. How do I become a producer?

Submission Questions

  1. How do I send a new submission?